Council of Brú na Bóìnne (Newgrange)

A further Understanding of The Council of Newgrange also known as The Council of Brú na Bóìnne...

The Council of Newgrange is an upcoming ecumenical gathering of 258 Leaders of Pagan and Neo-Pagan groups, factions, Covens, Churches, Temples, Tribes and Schools that will come together to vote for and make decisions on the future of our Pagan institution, faith and Religions. The ultimate goal of the Council of Newgrange is to Unify Pagans and Neo-Pagans under one banner without and particular Pagan/ Neo-Pagan Factions losing their identity or traditions.

The council is being formed to not only Unify Pagans, but to strengthen our solidarity and sovereignity. The Following referendums will be considered at the Gathering Council:

- A final and ultimate Universal Divine Book of Shadows.

- What will be considered Canon in The Divine Book of Shadows and what is kept or discarded.

- Partial or complete Unification of Pagan and Neo-Pagan groups as a whole under one "unified banner" without the individual group having to lose their identity or change their own customs and tradtions.

- An institution of Pagan Leaders whereby there is an ultimate longevity of the individual groups.

- A "Mother's See", a voted in body and seat of power to the Unified Institution in which all Pagan and Neo-Pagan Groups would demonstrate homage to and support. Thos seat would be responsible to maintain the protection of all unified Pagans and Neo-Pagans to ensure their safety, well-being, security, longevity and sovereignity. (example of the "Mother's See" would be similar to the Vatican and Pope, but our leader would be female - a queen)

- A screening to licensing board and certification process of all Holistic and Metaphysical Practitioners, Faction Leaders and Pastoral counsellors or Divinity practices to ensure safety to the general public. And that each of the forementioned be "Mother's See Certified"

- Decision on whether a blacklist be created for the general public to refer to so that any and all practitioners who use their services to exploit others would be known.

- An institutional enforcement agency that will be available to victims of practitioners who abuse their powers or services so that those victims are protected. Furthermire, this agency will work with the local law enforcement authority of the victims and practitioners to indict abusers and protect the victims.

- Representation and Security for all Solitary Practitioners of Pagan Faiths and Witchcraft.

And many more...

This gathering will be under the "Grand Electors" which would abstain from all voting or decions made to ensure impartiality of the gathering. We seek that this Unified Pagan/ Neo-Pagan body is seen by the secular public as an institutional religion with planetary legitimacy.

Paganism has always been the most disorganised of organised Religions.

Let's all work together to gain a true and long-lasting relationship with each other and the people of the World.

Brightest of Blessings