Hierarchy of the Order

The Queen - This is the Highest level one can achieve in The Order.  The Queen is the head of the of The Order and is an elected position.  All Queens serve a term of five year for a maximum of three terms. Anyone can run for Office. The member running for Queen must be female and must be willing to cast off their legal name and take up the name, Morrigan of the Tuatha Dé Danann in reverence of the legendary First Queen of the Order. 

Hand of the Order - The Hand of the Order, works as a direct aid to the seat power, "The Mother's See", upon which is seated the Queen.  The Hand also works as a liason between The Queen and other Factions, Groups, Coven and Orders. In the absence of the Queen, The Hand of the Order, acts as a Steward and is the temporary authority for the Order. The Hand works as a close advisor to The Queen.  The Hand of the Order is also an elected body and is usually a male to signify gender balance within The Order as it is in Nature. 

RegionalDaimyo - The Regional Daimyo (RD) is Senior Clergy Member of a particular catchment area of Temples known as Member Temples.  This area can be as small as a few states to a group of countries.  The RD's authority is both administrative and spiritual and can be compared in hierarchy to a Catholic Cardinal. 

Master High Priestess/ Priest

High Priestess/ Priest

Temple Priestess/ Priest

Priestess/ Priest - This member of the Clergical Council has reached the position of Spiritual Leadership. They are now responsible for the day to day duties of a Priestess/Priest and work with the followers and the Temple Priestess/Priest.  They run services and start on a teaching path. 

Celtic Elder - this Member of the Clergical Council goes into deeper studies learning how to work with individuals and performs daily Temple Rites and Rituals. They learn to perform all manners of Pastoral Care/ Services under the senior clergy.  They work with special programmes of the Temple and serve as the Monastic Orthodox representative of the Order. 

Maiden/ Master Knight - This is where the Member of the Clergical Council is Ordained and receives their credentials of ministry.  The member will continue their studies whilst assisting the Priestess/ Priest and Temple Priestess/ Priest in their respective Temples. They can lead services in place of the senior clergy of the area member Temple and their position is equivalent to a deacon. 

Student Seminarian Seeker - Upon completion of Initiate status, the Member is now an official student of The Order and under the Tutelage of a High Priestess/Priest or Master High Priestess/Priest 

Initiate - After Applying to the Order, these Members are given Two Tasks to complete.  The first of tasks act as a self-cleansing.  The Second Task Universally determines the Member's Individual curriculum. 

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