01 November 2021 

The Edict of The Tuatha Dé Danann 

This Edict is a proclamation that after 1438 years, The Celtic Pagan and Druidic Order of Constantine shall no longer be a Seclusionary Monastic Order of Celtic Pagan and Druid Clergy.  As of this date, The Order will mainstreamed to the General Public. ALL humanity shall be openly welcome to join Our Order and/ or our Member Temples worldwide.  We formerly announce our reemergence to the Planet. 

22 March 2022

The Edict of Éimí 

Today, I proclaim The Edict of Éimí, 2022. Henceforth, all persons in an apprenticeship shall be known as Student Seminarian Seekers & prefix their name as Seeker (name) or Seminarian (name). The title apprentice shall only be used to define the meaning of a Seeker. 

03 May 2022

The Edict of Roe

I proclaim a new Edict once again.

The Edict of Roe states that we will protect the rights of all women worldwide and their sovereign right to choose for themselves their own path of family planning and the fate of their womb.

The body of a Woman is a remote Sacred Temple of the Universe and free will is the charge of our Goddess. Each woman is made in the Divine Image of the Sacred Feminine.

I charge that we protect the right of women, assist in helping women achieve their decisions, grant safe harbour to those women who are being victimised for their life choices.

We as Pagans, Witches and Neo-Pagans are to counsel and protect our Sacred Feminine souls and hold all women in reverence. Their Bodies and Their Choice.

The Edict of Corrispondenza Rudimentale

The Edict of Corrispondenza Rudimentale

03 May 2022 

The Edict of Corrispondenza Rudimentale

Today I make proclamation of a new Edict. This Edict is to enact and enhance the specialised writing used by the Order with its unique spelling and grammar.  It is to be taught by the Order to all Clergy, its Members and Employees. It is to be used in ALL writings: letters, emails, documents, books, guides, text messages, essays and articles. (a guide of grammar and spelling for The Celtic Pagan and Druidic Order of Constantine is available to use as a reference within our libraries and Temples and will be available in .PDF format.) This Edict is to be known as The Edict of Corrispondenza Rudimentale. 

12 August 2022

An Historic Edict Proclaimation made this 19th Era of 2022 of the Order:

Edict of Athrú Ainm an Ordaithe

On this Friday, 12th of August 2022 of the Common Era, The Celtic Pagan and Druidic Order of Constantine will be renamed and henceforth known from this day as: The Celtic Pagan Order of Constantine. As defined, The Order is still a Celtic Pagan and a Druid Order. As has always been tradition, we accept all denominations of Pagan and Neo-Pagan Peoples into The Order. We also support Universalists and Unitarians. This name change was made to reconnect to our originating roots. Consequently, this modification makes it easier to logistically streamline our presence for social and multimedia platforms..