Summary Introduction

The Celtic Pagan Order of Constantine is a 1696 year-old Celtic Pagan Order based in The Republic of Ireland and The United Kingdom.  The Order was established in 326 of the Common Era. 

The Order is comprised of Celtic Pagans, Druids, Norse Pagans, Common Pagans and recently Neo-Pagans.  The Order's beginnings were started in Rome by Graeco-Roman Polytheistic Pagans after the First Council of Nicea. 

In attempt to escape Christian tyranny they made Exodus from Rome to Ancient Hibernia (Ireland), Brittania, and The Shetland Islands in 326CE (AD) where they were well and peaceably met by the Celts, Druids, Woads and Picts on Celtic Shores.  The Order became a thriving society if Temple Paganism, and in 584 of the Common Era The Order elected its first Queen, then inexplicably went underground and became a Seclusionary Monastic Order of Celtic Pagan and Druid Clergy until November 2021 when this Order reemerged to the mainstream.